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The educational psychologists behind Dynamic Assessment UK have many years' experience within the field. Learn more about our qualifications and experience below to see how we can help transform the way you assess and intervene to make a difference to children's learning.

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Fraser is a fully qualified educational psychologist with more than 25 years of experience working in a range of settings. Fraser’s expertise in dynamic assessment dates back to 1995 when he was first trained in the approach as a doctoral research student. He was trained by two eminent figures who have promoted the dynamic assessment approach: Professor David Tzuriel and Professor Reuven Feuerstein.

From that time in the mid-1990s until the present-day, Fraser has been involved in extensive research and practice as a professional educational psychologist. This includes the publication of over 50 research papers and conference presentations, culminating in the publication of a resource textbook on the approach entitled “Improving Learning Through Dynamic Assessment”. This was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2013, co-written with Donna Carrigan.

In July 2010, Fraser started a training and consultancy business Fraser Lauchlan Associates. This offers Educational Psychology Services to local authorities ( Through this work he has trained more than 2000 educational psychologists and related professionals in how to put dynamic assessment into practice. After developing this work with Clare Daly and delivering workshops all over the UK, this has led to the development of DA-UK.

Fraser is an Honorary Lecturer at the Universities of Strathclyde and Manchester and is the General Editor of Educational and Child Psychology. He is also a reviewer for many other journals including School Psychology International, Frontiers in Education and the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. He has published extensively in many other areas of educational psychology, including labelling, bilingualism, chronic non-attendance and inclusion. He is also an emerging travel writer - his book ‘Being Scottish in Italy’ (in Italian ‘Uno scozzese in Sardegna’) was shortlisted for the 2020 Franco Putzolo Literary Prize at the ‘Strangius’ International Festival of Literature. His follow up book "Still Being Scottish in Italy" was published in 2023.

He divides his time between the UK and Italy.

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Clare has over twenty years of experience working with children and families across a variety of educational settings as a youth worker, teacher and since 2007, an Educational Psychologist. Clare has taught on the MSc training programme for Educational Psychologists at the University of Strathclyde, where she is the current Director of the Doctorate in Educational Psychology.


Trained in Dynamic Assessment by Fraser in 2005, Clare has used the approach with children and young people of all ages using video techniques to enhance feedback and learning transference. She continually seeks to develop her practice, and also been part of training sessions by Professor David Tzuriel. Clare has delivered Advanced Dynamic Assessment Training with Fraser since 2017 at the British Psychological Society Headquarters in London and across the UK online. Working in collaboration with teachers, Clare developed The Dynamic School, a whole school approach to mediated learning, and dynamic thinking.  Applying Dynamic Assessment in Schools | Jessica Kingsley Publishers - UK (

Clare has had work placements in London and Melbourne. She has presented her work at conferences in Europe, Africa, and North America on Dynamic Assessment, Feedback, Goal-Setting and Transformational Change. She has presented to The Scottish Parliament on supporting vulnerable groups. As an Educational Consultant, Clare has worked on education based learning platforms, game development technologies, supporting children’s charities and mental health interventions. She is a Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) practitioner and Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) facilitator. Clare has developed programmes in a variety of areas and including Goal-setting with Dr. Steve Danish (University of Virginia). She is also trained in Applied Behavioural Analysis and promotes behavioural change strategies. Clare is a reviewer for the British Journal of Educational Psychology.  

Regardless of role, her goal is the same – to rethink learning and maximize potential.

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Our approach provides a safe environment for learners (both adults and children) to explore their potential. An environment where it is ok to ask for help, if fact, where asking for help is seen as a sign of strength. Working cooperatively quickly builds trust in a fun and natural way, creating strong relationships. Our online platform enables the exchange of ideas and strategies, which helps to develop one’s skills in mediated learning and DA.


Our training programmes will leave you feeling confident to use DA and mediated learning in your daily practice. Attendees will be able to analyse and evidence DA data. DA practitioners will gain skills and knowledge in mediated learning, learning principles and report writing.


Everyone has untapped potential, none more so than a child or young person with an additional support need. The barriers they face in their learning may have hidden their true ability. DA helps to look beyond labels and focus on the individual, focusing on strengths and moving forward positively.


DA recognises vital links between other learning theories and approaches, such as visible learning, executive functions, solution-oriented schools, positive psychology, mindset and goal setting (to name a few). Our training offers a synthesis of complementary approaches for a comprehensive learning experience. In addition, DA can triangulate data from other test materials effectively, adding depth to cognitive assessments.


We see assessment as an integral part of intervention. Specific and positive feedback defines the next steps for both learner and assessor. This leads to transformational change. The focus on where you want to be (or potentially could be), rather than where you are now, creates a shift in perspective (of others and yourself).


Our mission is to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for all things DA. We want DA practitioners to be able to network with each other to share resources and practice. We have a range of resources and supports to share with you and some exciting interventions constantly in development.

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“A great day, really helped my understanding of DA – feeling optimistic and ready to use next term. Thanks Fraser”

M. Rzepecki, Educational Psychology Service, Angus

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