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BPS Accredited Certification Programme

We offer a 2-year Certification Programme accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). This programme is designed to develop your practitioner skills in dynamic assessment under expert supervision. There are two levels to our programme. See below for more details.

Teacher and Student Playing
Teacher and Student Playing

Advanced Level Dynamic  Assessment Practitioner

This certification programme is usually (though not exclusively) attended by Educational Psychologists who use Dynamic Assessment in their everyday practice or aspire to use DA more regularly.

Over a 2 year programme with regular (6 times a year) 'drop-in' group supervision sessions, practitioners are encouraged to develop their skills and become more confident at using DA in various contexts.

Coursework requirements include:

1) Keep a reflective diary of your DA practice

2) Write up three short (500 words) case studies

3) Write up a 500 word piece on how your DA skills have developed over the course of the programme

Download file for more details

Expert Level Dynamic Assessment Practitioner

This Certification programme is for those who wish to take their skills in Dynamic Assessment to a higher level. The aim is to develop skills in digital feedback (or as we call it, digital feedforward) where the video recording of DA can be used as a vehicle for planning a programme of intervention. Regular (6 times a year) 'drop-in' supervision sessions are provided.

Course requirements include:

(1) reflective diary; (2) video evidence of how DA has been combined with digital feedback on 3 different pieces of assessment/intervention work, and (3) a short report (around 500 words) on how/where you have developed your skills in DA compared to the beginning of the registration period.

You have 2 years to complete the programme.

Teacher Recording Video
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